Roller-coaster Advent
The news of a 90-day trade truce between presidents Trump and Xi’s was widely welcomed this week. It was probably the most that could be expected of their much-anticipated dinner conversation at the fringes of the G20 summit last weekend in Argentina. Despite offering the prospect of a road-map to new trade terms and thereby the potential for defusing the biggest concern for any 2019 outlook, its good news fuel for stock markets only lasted for a one-day stock market rally, before equities were once more caught in selling downdraft.

Europe beyond Brexit
As we approach Parliament’s historic vote on Theresa May’s exit deal with the EU, Brexit media chatter is building to a fever pitch. In all this noise, other EU news tends to get drowned out in the UK. But just as Britain is mulling over its own future, politicians and policymakers on the continent have many of their own problems to worry about.

US still leading the lacklustre pack
The latest surveys of purchasing managers across the globe are a mixed and slightly disappointing bag for the global economy. Overall, the November indices pointed to an unchanged figure (52) globally, though certain more forward-looking key components are either stalling or falling.

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