Cambridge Weekly Update 10th June 2019

The return of the central bank put? Stock markets rallied on the hope that central banks' reassuring comments will lead to monetary stimulus once again Are Woodford's woes the death knell for active management? With deep knowledge of his investment approach we go...

Cambridge Weekly Update 3rd June 2019

Bond rally musings It all seemed to make a lot of sense to the media commentators this past week: government bonds rallied and equity markets fell because investors no longer expect a return of meaningful global economic growth during 2019, and in the UK the...

Cambridge Weekly Update 28th May 2019

It is getting warmer Unfortunately this headline is not intended to suggest that things are getting better, but rather that Donald Trump’s trade war is heating up. In a way I feel reminded of the Cold War between the US and the USSR in my youth, when the odd skirmish...

Cambridge Weekly Update 20th May 2019

Market support for Trump or unwarranted equanimity? A little over one week into the escalation of the US-China trade wars, stock markets have calmed and even made a partial recovery from last week’s sell-off. Globally, stock markets are now trading around 3.5% below...

Cambridge Weekly 13th May 2019

Geopolitics re-enter market stage Just as markets were trying to prove that they have regained some rational balance when they shrugged off central banks’ rejection of further monetary support, geopolitical tensions returned with vengeance. Perhaps it was naïve of the...

Cambridge Weekly 7th May 2019

Central banks disappoint expectations Last week we wrote that stock markets faced being challenged by the decline of a number of stimulating aspects that had been regularly named as the drivers of the 2019 recovery. The most crucial one being central banks’ assurances...

Cambridge Weekly 29th April 2019

Waning market stimuli put stock markets on notice A pleasant Easter break has been followed by new highs for US equity indices. And yet, it has been a less comfortable week for professional investors. The tailwinds blowing the 2019 stock market bounce-back are waning....

Cambridge Weekly 23rd April 2019

Spring time from here? It is quite incredible how much investor sentiment has changed over the past 4 months. At Christmas, equity markets had suffered a decline from their September highs, which had many market commentators suggesting that the end of this prolonged...

Cambridge Weekly 15th April 2019

Brexit in-limbo aside sentiment is improving Even though our prediction that Brexit would neither happen on 29 March nor 12 April has turned into reality, there seems little point in celebrating. Yes, the immediate threat of a cycle-ending shock event to the...

Cambridge Weekly 8th April 2019

Happy 10th birthday, choppy bull market  Frustrating political divisions have drowned out the 10th anniversary of what many have called the most unloved equity bull market in history. Broad based equity market investors (those who held their nerve) have enjoyed...


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